Bear Grylls Lets Viewers Decide What Gnarly Things He Puts In His Mouth In His Interactive Netflix Series

Wildlife expert Bear Grylls is known for subjecting himself to the brutality of the elements — including but not limited to ingesting some very questionable things under the guise of survival — to the delight of viewers at home. And now, as you can see in the above trailer for his upcoming Netflix series, You vs. Wild, those watching will actually be in control of what painful and disgusting ordeals Grylls puts himself through.

Capitalizing off of the success of the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, You vs. Wild sees Grylls exploring some of the most beautiful and dangerous locales on earth. In this instance, however, viewers will make decisions such as whether or not our intrepid explorer faces a mountain lion or takes his chances with the abyss below, navigates the tunnel with a draft or warm air, or follows the sound of monkeys or instead decides to climb a tree. And it seems as if these decisions may come with a high price.

“You’re in charge here, you’re on this journey with me, you decide,” Grylls explains in the trailer. “And if you don’t make the right choices, it might not end well for me.”

If he’s dealing with wolves, mountain lions, and extreme terrain, it seems safe to say that the worst outcomes in You vs. Wild may be more consequential than your rushed-to-market video game getting a crappy review from some smug British dork. In other words, this could get dark, fast.

It also goes without saying that Netflix probably needn’t bother filming an option where Grylls doesn’t drink his own pee. You vs. Wild will be streaming (no pun intended) on Netflix starting April 10.