Before She Was A Star, Maggie From ‘The Walking Dead’ Was Modeling Underwear For Richard Branson

Lauren Cohan has become the first and only real female sex-symbol through five season of The Walking Dead, so much so that they actually changed her wardrobe in the fifth season premiere to better show off her decolletage (er, boobs). There’s nothing wrong with that, of course; the show could use a female counterpart to Daryl Dixon, who is basically the most popular man on tumblr.

Did you know, however, that before The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan was a model? As you can see from the pictures above and those below, Cohan spent a lot of time modeling for Virgin Clothing, a Richard Branson company that went kaput in 2012. But while the company nor the clothes exists any longer, the images from Lauren Cohan’s photoshoot will live on forever.

Here’s a sampling of Cohan rocking those Virgin Clothing outfits, from Lauren Cohan’s Facebook fanpage.

And if you’re curious, between her modeling days and The Walking Dead, she also appeared nude in a Van Wilder movie.

Source: Facebook