This Behind The Scenes Look At ‘SNL’ Shows All The Moving Parts After A Cold Open

Seeing how the sausage gets made is usually a very mixed experience. While the illusion of seamlessness gets broken, there is still an appreciation that comes from seeing all the moving parts and seeing all of the work that goes into creating the spectacle. However, once you see the man behind the curtain, there’s no going back. In this way, unless you’re in the audience, there is a fair bit of background stuff that you don’t get to see when watching Saturday Night Live. In a new video, the illusion is stripped away and viewers can get a glimpse at all of the hustle and bustle that occurs during the opening credits.

This clip takes place during last Saturday’s episode after Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump cold open and host Casey Affleck‘s opening monologue. In a way, the work is mesmerizing, watching dozens of people scurry around stage, breaking down the sets while under a time crunch. It’s almost like a choreographed dance, with these professionals doing what they do best, proving that even the smallest parts have a huge impact on the finished product. It’s great that these hardworking pros finally get their due, even if we lose a tiny bit of the magic.

(Via SNL‘s YouTube Channel)