Behold The Irrefutable Sexiness Of The Sexiest Villains & Antiheroes Currently On Television

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Villains are often the best part of a television program. The heroes are usually hemmed in by boring restrictions like morality and the law. But the bad guys get to run wild and indulge in whatever happens to please them, whether it’s robbing banks or enjoying a particularly fine Homo Sapiens au Vin.

It’s well understood that these qualities contribute to a villain’s sex appeal. We’re attracted to danger and people who push the limits of conventional society. I learned that the hard way when I lost my 5th grade girlfriend to the guy who answered “NOT here!” when a substitute teacher was taking attendance. Television is full of beautiful stars but the following villains are so sexy that you might not mind ending up as their victims.

Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings – The Americans

Keri Russell 1


I don’t care how sympathetic the character is, like any good American I was raised to hate and fear commies. Humanizing them is dangerous, as this possibly NSFW gif demonstrates (that’s how you lose your political freedom and end up knee-deep in child support payments, kids).

All joking aside, Keri Russell’s turn in this spy drama has been impressive. Few of her contemporaries from the turn of the century teenage soap operas have been able to make the jump to modern success. The Americans has garnered almost universal acclaim and the lack of an Emmy nomination for Russell has raised the ire of millions of fans. Her performance is an interesting reversal of the old James Bond tropes; certainly sexy, but female and fighting for the wrong side.

Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

As the author of “An Erotic Life,” a self-proclaimed God, and a confirmed sociopath, Dennis Reynolds has had a lot of success with the ladies. If this doesn’t change your mind, then have a look back at some of his greatest hits here. There are no *good* people on Sunny, but Dennis is certainly leading the race to the bottom. His talent for ruining lives is tied to his absolute inability to care for anyone but himself. People who stand in Dennis’ way are likely to end up on the street or in rehab.

In the off season, Glenn Howerton has been branching out with stints on The Mindy Project and a particularly hilarious turn on Fargo

Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode – American Horror Story: Coven

Jessica Lange has been a sex symbol for decades, and while other baby boomers are giving up mom jeans for pajama pants, she’s added another inch to her stilettos. As usual her character on last season’s American Horror Story was a highlight. The murderous head witch Fiona was obsessed with beauty and youth. Envy and dark powers usually don’t bode well for other, younger witches. Lange was nominated for a slew of awards in 2013, but sadly, has confirmed that next year will be her last on the show.

Megan Mullally as Tammy Swanson- Parks and Recreation

Of all the Tammys in Ron Swanson’s life, Tammy II is by far the hottest. She has a bottomless capacity for manipulation and a savage sexual appetite. That’s a dangerous combination and it’s easy to see why Ron has such a difficult time resisting her. Tammy thinks nothing of ruining a man’s life in order to acquire more space for a library. As Ron once said, “Every time she laughs, an angel dies.” Of all the villains on this list, Tammy is the one who could most easily convince you to sell your soul and thank her for it.

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