A Comprehensive Guide To Ben Stiller’s Many Hilarious TV Cameos

11.26.14 5 years ago 8 Comments

I’ve always enjoyed Ben Stiller’s knack for creating eccentric, off-the-wall characters — I would gladly watch a Hal (Happy Gilmore or Tony Perkis (Heavyweights) spin-off movie. He’s had one of the most successful movie careers of any comedic actor over the last 20 years, and throughout that time, has regularly returned to TV for various cameos. To mark the occasion of Ben Stiller’s birthday, I’ve compiled a list of his many smaller television credits — so no Ben Stiller Show here.

Here are 16 small screen Ben Stiller moments you might have forgotten about.

1. Miami Vice, Fast Eddie Felcher — 1987
“Amen… Send Money”

2. Duckman, Harry Medfly — 1995
“Clip Job”

3. Friends, Tommy — 1997
“The Screamer”

4. Space Ghost Coast to Coast — 1998

5. Heat Vision and Jack, Strip Club DJ — 1999

6. WWF Raw is War — 1999

7. Freaks and Geeks, Secret Service Agent — 2000
“The Little Things”

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