Ranking Eric Northman’s Most Over The Top Moments On ‘True Blood’

09.04.18 12 months ago 2 Comments


HBO’s True Blood was a fantasy series known for its over-the-top moments but no character on the show was more extra than Eric Northman. The vampire sheriff, entrepreneur, and small business owner stole nearly every scene he was in with his flair for the dramatic. The king of one-liners with the ability to make tracksuits sexy and make people everywhere quiver with just his fang-exposed smirk, Northman was the diva we all wish we could be. Don’t believe us? Use the show’s upcoming 10th anniversary as an excuse to dive back in (it’s streamable on HBO Now).

Or, if you’re short on time, check out this ranked lost of the most extra AF moments served to us by the immortal Viking himself.

9. When He Summoned Bill While Taking A Bubble Bath


A long-haired Eric was the most extra of all the Erics. When we first met our Vitamin D-deprived Adonis, he was rocking platinum blonde locks, black tanks, and a decidedly emo attitude. He liked knowing he was in control, he loved to be worshipped, and he most definitely did not appreciate it when Bill Compton failed to respond to his text messages. The best way to let him know? In his birthday suit, soaking in a clawfoot tub two sizes too small for his tree-like frame.

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