For Your Enjoyment, Here Is The Best Of Nick Offerman’s New Reddit AMA

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Nick Offerman has gifted the world with another Reddit AMA, following the amazing and enlightening one he did almost two years ago. According to his bio, Offerman directed the next episode of Parks & Recreation airing on April 10th, which he gets a bit more into below. Let’s jump in, shall we? Oh yeah, and cool hat:

Welcome to reddit! I painted this for you :)

Thank you, that is magnificent and confusing! I look like I am being anally probed in each iteration, which is good, as I am of an age whereupon I should have my prostate checked regularly. Which reminds me – if you haven’t seen John Mulaney’s bit on Xanax, youtube that badboy, it’s goddamn triumphant.

and i drew this! should be named shitty markers lol

I am honored.

I drew you nothing, but this picture is nice!

EDIT: note to self, find nicer pictures in the future…

I have seen nicer. You should look at more pictures.

Mr. Offerman, what was it like to work on 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill (and Ice Cube!)? And are you going to be in 22 Jump Street as well?

On both Jump Street films, I worked the very first day of production, and my scenes will serve a similar purpose in both films: to send these 2 lovable jackanapes bounding off into inglorious fortune. They are sweet as pie, and we have a very good time giggling and improvising, whilst fingering each others tickle-spots.

What is the best advice ever given to you?

1) Find work that you love to do, and then find a way to get paid to do that work. 2) Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you’ve done learning, bitterness sets in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning’s awakening full of potential and cheery portent.


Hey Nick! I saw you at the Canadian Canoe Museum last year and your Q&A was hilarious and informative. My question is about the very gorgeous Mrs Offerman. How’d you guys meet? What’s her stance on canoes?

We met in the theatre in Los Angeles, our company the Evidence Room. Her stance on canoes is, of course, seated. One should not stand on canoes. She loves to paddle just like her dear old husband, and boy, howdy, does she look good doing it.


Hi Nick! Huge fan here, I just have one burning question for you. As a guy with little to no facial hair I have to know what I can do to get a glorious mustache like yours. If no tips or tricks come to mind (which would be a huge bummer) a simple Hello would mean the world to me!

Hello. Sharpie makes some excellent moustache enhancing implements.


Any details on the episode of Parks and Rec you directed? Do you prefer being behind or in front of the camera?

Through mere luck of the draw, I was handed an incredible episode, in story and location and guest stars. On one wednesday, I directed (on top of Amy, Pratt and Adam Scott) Bo Burnham, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, and Sam Elliott, with whom I am openly in man-love. I suppose I will always prefer the actual clowning in front of the camera, as “falling down” seems to be the arena in which I display the most acumen, but when I can get behind the lens and lend a collaborative hand, it is most edifying. Some BIG shit goes down in this ep, and Adam plays one of the most hilarious and original drunks I’ve ever seen.


 What is your prefered method of smoking/ingesting cannabis?

I either inhale a bodacious quantity of smoke into my lungs, and then HOLD it, or I eat food items that have been prepared with a delicious pinch of THC.

Dear Mr. Offerman, my friend Snowflake and I are very big fans of Parks and Recreation, and Ron Swanson in particular. I honestly sometimes wish he was my dad. I don’t know if my real dad knows that. Anyway, I try to live my life right by drinking various scotches and eating various meats. I hope you approve. Also, if you could just say hello to my friend Snowflake (she is real person, not a cat) that would mean a lot to us. And if you are ever in Chicago again, which is where we live, we’d love to buy you a round or five. Thanks for your good work.

Respectfully, Some Guy

Dear Some Guy and Snowflake, the “Ask” portion of “Ask Me Anything”, intimates that your submission should bear an enquiry of some nature.


I have tried making my own bottle opener modeled after your “OWS Pop Top.” Mine broke after two uses. What’s the secret? Do I suck at woodworking?

My first guess would be yes.

I rib. My second guess would that you need to use a hard enough wood, like oak, walnut, maple, cherry, ash, etc. A softwood like pine will be more apt to crack under the leverage.

Also, make sure the grain is running parallel to the length of the implement, as opposed to across it.


Greetings, Mr. Offerman! Scenes with Ron and Tammy Two are some of my favorites on television. My husband and I are learning to hang new doors and are finding the process to be quite the marriage-tester. Any suggestions for these DIYers?

Hanging doors is tricky in any case, so I would recommend that you take your time, keeping it loose, and attempt to laugh when it’s difficult. When Megan and I hang doors, she manages the hardware, and I keep my face buried in her ample bush, which usually makes the task right satisfying.