Bryan Cranston Drops By The ‘Better Call Saul’ Set In This New Video

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03.27.17 2 Comments

Better Call Saul takes place roughly six years before the beginning of Breaking Bad. A lot happens in those six years, too: Jimmy McGill becomes Saul Goodman, Walter White, Jr. develops an unhealthy fondness for breakfast foods, and… that’s about it, actually. We know that we’ll finally “meet” Saul Goodman, and that Gus Fring will serve his tasty chicken (and some drugs), in season three, but don’t expect to see Walter White, Jr. Or the OG Walter White, despite the fact that Bryan Cranston was spotted in Albuquerque.

In the video above, members of the Better Call Saul team, including creator Vince Gilligan, stars Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn, and production designer Michael Novotny, talk about the upcoming season and the challenges and fun of recreating the Los Pollos Hermanos set. Near the end, a familiar face shows up: Cranston, who the clip makes very clear won’t be in season three in Better Call Saul. I repeat: Walter White (and Jesse Pinkman) won’t be in season three of Better Call Saul. Cranston was there as part of his A Life in Parts book tour, and not, as he jokes, “to play a geriatric patient.”

There’s always hope for season four, though…

Better Call Saul season three premieres on AMC on April 10.

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