Rhea Seehorn Has Weighed In On How ‘Better Call Saul’ Theories About Kim Wexler Have Evolved

It’s been nearly a month since the penultimate season of Better Call Saul ended, and I don’t think we as a society have collectively talked about Kim Wexler’s finger guns at the end of that episode enough. The final few episodes of this season of Saul turned the entire series on its head, and deftly illustrated how we have all been underestimating Kim Wexler since the beginning.

Speaking of Kim Wexler, Rhea Seehorn (who plays her) appeared on this weekend’s episode of Friday Night in with the Morgans, alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilarie Burton, as well as Jim Gaffigan and his wife, Jeannie. In addition to talking about how she is faring in the pandemic (she feels like “a nutjob”), Seehorn also spoke to the fan theories surrounding her character on Reddit, though she admitted that hasn’t actually read any of them herself.

“Fan theories, they crack me up,” Seehorn said on the show. “I don’t go on Reddit, because I am chicken sh*t. I am always afraid that there is going to be a diatribe about how awful I am, so I don’t do deep dives into some of that stuff.”

However, Seehorn still gets wind of many of those fan theories. “There are people that are sure she works at Claire’s Accessories right next to the Cinnabon” during the Gene flash forward. “I always feel like I have to have my own combover and mustache,” Seehorn jokes.

Seehorn, however, has picked up on how the fan theories have evolved over the seasons. “They all used to be fan theories about how [Kim Wexler] dies, and now they are all theories about how she basically loses her sh*t.”

That tracks, because even here, we’ve been speculating on Kim Wexler’s death for years. However, while we were worried that Kim would be hurt or killed in Jimmy’s transformation into Saul, few ever predicted that Kim would be the one to break bad.

There is reason, however, to believe that Kim not only survives the series, but potentially reunites with Jimmy/Saul/Gene in the future, as Vince Gilligan has noted that Saul will likely have a “better” ending than Breaking Bad. “Better” doesn’t necessarily mean “happier,” but we can hope.

(Via Friday Night in with the Morgans)