The ‘Better Call Saul’ Midseason Finale Will Have A ‘Painful’ Cliffhanger Ending, According To Its Co-Creator

There are only two episodes of Better Call Saul left… at least until the show with the most fascinating character on TV comes back in July. AMC decided to split the final season in two, which is both good and bad. Good, because now Rhea Seehorn has double the chances of winning a long-overdue Emmy. Bad, because I need to know what happens to Kim (and Howard, and Lalo, and Cinnabon Gene) NOW. A Saul-less June is going to be painful, especially with the cliffhanger that the writers have in store.

Co-creator Peter Gould told TVLine that they didn’t know about the split season when they were writing the episodes, but the midseason finale “is a big [cliffhanger]. I think this is going to be a painful few weeks for a few people to find out what happens. Hopefully, people will enjoy the pain and not come after us with torches.”

Deal. Unless something happens to Kim, then all bets are off.

The next episode of Better Call Saul, “Axe and Grind,” is directed by Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring himself) with a script from Ariel Levine, while the midseason finale, “Plan and Execution,” is helmed and written by long-time Breaking Bad and Saul writer and director Thomas Schnauz. It airs May 23.

(Via TVLine)