An Unlikely Ally Pitches In On This Week’s ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL’ On Comedy Central

On this week’s Big Time in Hollywood, FL the Dolfes and Cuba were on the run and got help from an unexpected source.

Del, however, is at the station playing a snitch for real.

After finding out about the inconvenience of a $4.5 million bank account…

… Cuba explained his plan.

And you won’t believe who was available to help.

Nor how he amassed his great fortune.

But Cuba’s gonna Cuba.

Which lead to all this:

Back at the station, Malloy figured out Monkey Largo’s true purpose…

… which led to the Dolfes’ arrest.

It looks like Jack, Ben, and Cuba are all in some deep sh*t.

To see how all that will play out, check out Big Time in Hollywood, FL on Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central. If you’re behind, catch the season to date on Comedy Central’s website and on the Comedy Central app.