Bill Burr Doesn’t Understand The Hype Around ‘Star Wars’

It’s nice to write about Bill Burr when the topic isn’t something that’s going to earn me a string of angry threats in my email. No Caitlyn Jenner this time around, instead we get his opinions on Star Wars. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he doesn’t really “get” the films, but he also hits on plenty of fine points regarding the people who lined up to see the film on opening night and all the mania that followed the original release back in 1977.

The real funny bit is Burr’s list of films of he saw as a kid. Benji, Herbie, and Scarface, the latter as a 13-year-old. It’s one of those moments that we’ve all had with our parents at one point or another and I can only imagine what kinds of things were running through her head as she sat there watching Tony Montana stab a guy, see his friend chainsawed to death, snort an insane amount of cocaine, and get asked if he got his scar from eating p*ssy.

Burr isn’t wrong, though. There’s no way that standing in line for Star Wars is worth it the way those folks think it is. Just go later in the week and maybe spend the other time reading a book or putting together a puzzle. Maybe devising a way to break into the theater like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. That’s better than just standing in a line.

It’s still better than Black Friday shoppers lining up, though. Screw that.

(Via Team Coco)