Bill Maher Extends An Invitation To Donald Trump While Ensuring That ‘We’re Still Here’ On ‘Real Time’

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11.12.16 3 Comments

There are only two late night hosts left to speak on the election and Donald Trump’s victory, with Bill Maher taking his chance with the season finale of Real Time on Friday night. The weight of what these hosts say is definitely in question following the election — and should’ve been before if we’re being honest — but there’s also that desire to see what happens next with some of them. Seth Meyers reaction to the election was a good one and Stephen Colbert provided some balance with his election commentary, but Maher was really one I was interested to see given his fiery rhetoric a week ago.

As expected, the tune has changed a bit in defeat and Maher extended an offer to have Trump on the show for an interview if the president-elect accepts. That seems a little more dicey than President Obama, especially given Maher’s past experiences with Trump and the fact that he called him a fascist on television just last week.

The host’s monologue was certainly one that attempted to be lighthearted, while also carrying a bit of that crow-eating tone that plenty of people had to deal with this week. You can’t spend months railing on a guy, watch him win, and then not have some bitter taste in your mouth. I’ve never actually eaten crow, though, so maybe bitter is going a bit too far. Crow could be delicious and we have just been bad mouthing it all these years.

The monologue does begin the criticism of the Democrats that continues throughout the show, especially with where they should go from here. There’s also a few jabs at Trump’s possible cabinet, including Sarah Palin, and a few knocks on people who focused more on the Clinton emails than anything related to Trump.

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