Seth Meyers Has An Offer For Donald Trump In Wednesday’s ‘Late Night’ Monologue

For Hillary Clinton supporters, the sting of loss is still quite fresh after Tuesday’s election results, with many still in shock about the outcome. Count Seth Meyers among those who can’t believe that Trump will actually be President, and in his monologue for Wednesday’s edition of Late Night With Seth Meyers, he is the first to admit that he has been completely off the mark with his predictions.

“You know, we’ve been talking about DT on this show for about 18 months, and one of the things that we have tried to make clear over those 18 months is that I have been wrong about him at every turn. When he first came out the escalator at Trump Tower to announce, I boldly said on this show that it was a stunt, and that he would never really run. Then I said that he would never win the GOP nomination, and I certainly didn’t think that he would be our next president. The good news is with this pattern and me being wrong about Donald Trump predictions, he’s probably going to be a great fucking president. Let’s just hope this trajectory holds.”

While expressing his regret that Clinton will not be the first female POTUS, he does share a message of hope about whoever gets to eventually claim that title.

“But that does mean that someone’s daughter is out there right now who will one day have that title. Maybe you’re a woman who is currently a Senator, maybe you’re still in college. Hopefully you’re not a toddler, but who knows. With the way things went last night, who knows. We don’t know who you are, but I imagine at this moment today was a defining one for you. One that will make you work harder and strive farther, and I hope I live to see your inauguration. And I hope my mom does too.”

On a lighter note, Meyers notes that early on in this election cycle, NBC offered Trump a 13 episode show (probably called Chicago President, as that is the NBC way) where he could play a fictional president, if he dropped out of the race. Apparently, they have upped that offer to 22 episodes, and the offer still stands. They’ll even give him the time slot after The Voice.