The Internet Is Gloriously Mixing Up Bill Nye’s Name With ‘NYE’

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12.31.15 3 Comments
The Fast Company Innovation Festival - How Creativity Fuels Science With Steve Aoki And Bill Nye

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New Year’s Eve is (appropriately) trending under the #NYE Twitter tag, which has caused quite a ruckus among the raging Bill Nye fanbase. It doesn’t hurt matters that Nye will be in Times Square as the ball drops. This is only one of an infinite number of global celebrations, but Times Square remains the big stateside media focus. People willingly shell out several hundred dollars for a breadstick-free seat near the action, and Nye will likely stifle some moans at the ungodly amount of trash left over once revelers depart.

We may even see another Climate Change Walk of Doom after all is said and done. After all, Nye will read several Confetti Wishes on the Countdown Stage as the evening progresses. He’s ready for action too. Check this dude out.

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