Watch Bill Nye Cha Cha To The ‘Weird Science’ Song For His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Debut

When the latest Dancing with the Stars cast was announced not so long ago the name “Bill Nye” was the exception to the usual who’s who of washed up celebs and burgeoning reality fame chasers. Not that I’m someone who pays attention to that sort of thing, or was watching live last night. FOOTBALL GRRRR.

But when The Science Guy’s debut performance starts making its rounds I’m of course going to watch every second. The man is a childhood hero and education legend for god’s sake. We owe him that much. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a super nice awkward guy, his props were a bunch of fluorescent beakers, his partner isn’t difficult to look at, and the whole thing is set to the Weird Science theme song.

Bottom line: the whole segment is a delight. The judges aren’t as kind to the dancing as I am but I’m confident I know Science Guy cha chas far better than they do.

Via r/Videos