Watch Bill O’Reilly’s Head Almost Explode Arguing With Fox News Liberal Stooge Alan Colmes

If you’ve spent any time watching Fox News over the years you know that Alan Colmes is the Republican propaganda machine’s go-to token liberal, which — if you’re of the progressive persuasion — is probably maddening because Colmes is just plain awful. For years he spent every weeknight getting abused by Sean Hannity — until Roger Ailes decided it was better just to not even have a lefty buttplug like Colmes around for Hannity to work over.

Speaking of Ailes, I’ve always thought that the casting of Colmes in that role was a slice of diabolical brilliance on his part. Have the other side represented by a creepy and wimpy looking tool who is all too willing to be bullied by blowhards like Hannity and O’Reilly. Just brilliant.

With that said, Colmes assertion last night on The O’Reilly Factor that President Obama has proposed cuts to entitlement programs sent O’Reilly into a hilarious, frenzied fit of bluster. And I have to actually give Colmes credit for actually sticking up for himself when O’Reilly repeatedly accused him of lying. Naturally, as is often the case, Colmes was not lying about the proposed cuts and O’Reilly was wrong.

Never change, Bill…