Here’s Jon Stewart And Bill O’Reilly’s Entertainingly Contentious Chat About The Impending Shutdown

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10.01.13 9 Comments

Surrounding his glorious “It’s a f*cking law” takedown of the GOP last night, Jon Stewart spent pretty much the rest of The Daily Show chatting with his guest/arch nemesis, FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly.

I’m a sucker for these two getting together. They challenge views and neither person is completely unreasonable and it provides the sort of actual debate that allows third parties to form objective opinions. Also O’Reilly comes off as about a quarter of a blowhard he does in every media outlet of his choosing which makes me remember how much I love the “We’ll do it live!”

So yeah, good of both of them to always being willing to get together despite pretty much being diametrically opposed in every facet of everything they do. Below you’ll find them contentiously (and often playfully) discussing the looming government shutdown as well as Syria, but first, please allow Jon Stewart to outline all the fun questions he gets from fans about why he has Bill O’Reilly on his show…

Here’s part one on the shutdown.

And here’s part two on Syria.

Yeah, so, about that zombie joke…

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