Billy Eichner Met Meryl Streep Last Night And Promptly Freaked The Hell Out

I get that not all of you enjoy Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner as much as I do, and that is fine because you are allowed to be as stupid and wrong and probably smelly and ugly as you want in this country and I can’t stop you. But be aware that any disagreement on this issue will be met with intense and burning McKayla Maroney-style side eyes from me. He delights me to no end.

Case In Point: Last night Meryl Streep was a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, and Billy — her self-proclaimed number one fan, and the episode’s guest bartender — freaked THE HELL out upon being introduced to her, and lost all of his mind right there in the studio. He goes from screaming and jumping to rambling and giggling and it kinda weirds Meryl Streep out, which makes it worse/better, and, really, it’s just great.

FYI: This is exactly what will happen if I ever meet Tiffani Thiessen. Exactly.