Billy Eichner And Stephen Colbert Play A Game Of ‘Trump’s White House Or Hocus Pocus’

News & Culture Writer

Billy Eichner stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Halloween Eve, where, as promised, he did not discuss Kevin Spacey — just a day after having been one of the most vocal critics of the actor’s sexual assault apology slash coming out statement. Instead, Eichner came out wearing an “extra banana costume” he found backstage and kicked off the interview by boldly declaring to Colbert, “I hate Donald Trump so much,” to thunderous applause from the audience.

“That lying piece of shit,” he continued. “I am sick of Donald Trump, I am sick of everyone who associates with him, and today is just the beginning. All the shoes are going to drop and I am here for it!” From there he launched into a Halloween bit about how children are complicit and discussed how the gay community is torn on Diet Coke.

Later, he revived an old Billy on the Street style game: Hocus Pocus or Trump’s White House. The conceit of the game was pretty simple, Eichner would read a fact, and Colbert had to determine if it came from the movie, the current presidential administration, or both — in the cases of “Ben Carson believes that it’s real,” “seems like it started almost as a joke but now we have to take it seriously,” and “has managed to con a lot of gullible people into thinking it’s good.” At least Hocus Pocus only comes out once a year?

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