Billy Ray Cyrus Sure Is Looking A Lot Like Fat Mac Lately

I swear to you guys I was not watching the “Teen Choice Awards” last night. What I am guilty of is regularly perusing r/IASIP and getting way to excited when I read “I thought Fat Mac was back for a second…”

It was a bittersweet discovery that Rob McElhenney has not in fact returned to Fat Mac form, but instead that Billy Ray Cyrus is currently the owner of the best Fat Mac impersonation going. Is it 100% spot-on perfect? No, sadly no. Billy Ray isn’t quite fat or lovable enough. But that doesn’t mean it’s too far removed for us to compare some of images with Fat Mac Always Sunny GIFs does it? Of course not. Let’s take a look…

Yep, close enough. Someone please get Billy Ray a black turtleneck and a case of Krispy Kremes, stat.

Via r/IASIP. Teen Choices Photos via Getty Images.