The Creator Of ‘Blindspot’ Says The Answer To The Tattoo Mystery Can Already Be Solved

The big winner of the fall TV season, so far, is NBC’s freshman drama Blindspot, which debuted to huge ratings (relatively speaking, in 2015), again proving the age-old television maxim that viewers love shows about naked people covered with mysterious crime-solving tattoos. The show’s creator, Martin Gero, recently spoke to journalists about his idea for the show, and how he already has a substantial chunk of it developed.

“There’s a real concrete plan for the first three seasons, and then I have an idea on how to take it past there if we get there,” Gero added. “So the crazy thing about pitching these shows nowadays is people have been so burned by an idea that can last 10 episodes. So you really have to — even in the origination of the pitch — come up with an enormous amount of backstory.”

That’s interesting, if only because it bursts the thought bubble I had when I pictured the pitch for the show. (“So there’s a naked woman, and she has amnesia and is covered in tattoos, and sh-…” “Lemme stop you right there. Green light.”) But it’s definitely a good thing. It always feels better to know the person driving the bus has a decent idea of where he’s headed. Otherwise, you could end up in a strange neighborhood filled with smoke monsters and polar bears.

Gero also tossed out this little tease during his discussion, which is sure to send viewers down a puzzle-laden rabbit hole:

“You could solve it yourself after having seen the pilot,” he said. “No one has yet. I was like – it’s some sort of prize for the person that can figure it out. I’d be so impressed.”

As far as prizes go, “impressing the show’s creator” ranks somewhere below “like $2 million, cash,” but still, pretty cool. Happy hunting.

(Via Variety)