Lady Sif Is Tattooed And Confused In The New Trailer For NBC’s ‘Blindspot’

At the beginning of the year, NBC picked up the pilot for a new series titled Blindspot. The show follows a rather Memento-like sounding story of a naked woman with no memories and a bunch of tattoos who is found in Time Square. This allegedly kicks off the FBI’s involvement in solving a bunch of crimes in the city, while also assisting the naked lady in discovering her own forgotten identity.

The network released the above trailer earlier in the week which gives us a taste of the new series which stars Jamie Alexander — aka Lady Sif from Thor — as the naked lady in question. So far, we’re not given much else to go on aside from this nude woman’s confusion and need for answers, which seems a bit contagious in the clip.

More answers will come soon as NBC will air a sneak preview screening of the pilot episode at Comic-Con on Wednesday night with a panel to follow on Saturday. Blindspot is scheduled to premiere on the network in the Fall.

(Via Blindspot)