Bluthfighter: The ‘Arrested Development’ Meets ‘Street Fighter’ Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

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06.13.13 32 Comments


File this under “awesome fake things made by the internet that need to become a reality like yesterday.” From the guy who brought you Lego Breaking Bad comes a not-real-but-should-be YouTube preview of an arcade game that allows you to pit Bluths against Bluths in a battle to the huge mistake and even tag in guest stars for ultimate gaming/pop culture/Arrested Development nerd pleasure. (I won’t spoil the guest appearances in the vid but you won’t be disappointed.)

All the jokes and scenery are S1-S3, which is kind of a nice change of pace with all the season four discussion going around. The important thing is that with all the resources at the internet’s disposal this should be a fully functional thing I have mastered all the combos to by this time next week.

“Baby. You. Got. A. Stew. Going.” Oh man, I want to play as George Michael and tag out to The Wall so so so bad.

Brian Anderson via AV Club

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