Please Enjoy This Supercut Of Bob Odenkirk Screaming At People On ‘Mr. Show’

09.10.13 12 Comments


Before he was everyone’s favorite duplicitous sleazebag lawyer on Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk was one of the creators and stars of HBO’s groundbreaking sketch series Mr. Show. But you already knew that. Or at least you should have known that. And if you somehow didn’t know that, please click here and begin getting caught up immediately, or as immediately as possible without getting yourself fired for playing cuss-filled YouTube videos in your cubicle in the middle of the workday.

And speaking of Mr. Show and cuss-filled YouTube videos, here’s a 90 second supercut of clips from the show that feature Odenkirk yelling and screaming at other people, himself, or no one or nothing in particular. The run of “GOD DAMMITS” at the beginning is my anti-drug.

(via Matt Fraction)

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