Bob’s Burgers’ Made An Accidentally Timely, Butt-Focused Pandemic Episode That Will Air Next Season

Bob’s Burgers apparently hasn’t had to slow down production of its latest season despite the rest of the entertainment world struggling through COVID-19, but at least one episode in Season 11 will have some pretty overt comparisons to the pandemic still raging worldwide.

The show held a Comic-Con At Home panel on Friday and detailed the development of its next season, which will premiere on September 27. As Deadline reported Saturday, the show will have a pandemic-related episode but it will have nothing to do with COVID-19. Producer Nora Smith shared details about the script she wrote well before the COVID-19 pandemic became a reality in the United States, which is probably why the Bob’s Burgers pandemic episode will deal with a very different subject.

The episode, aptly titled Worms of In-Rear-ment, “is about a pinworm epidemic,” Smith shared. “Two people in my life have gotten pinworms in there butts, very close to me. It just seemed like a fun pandemic story. And then this happened and I was like, people are going to think we’re joking about it. Hopefully, it’s more fun because it’s about anus stuff. There’s a lot of handwashing. I’m hoping that people think of it was an escape to a more fun pandemic.”

Hopefully a butt-themed pandemic episode will still be in good taste come September, but that wasn’t the only teaser revealed on Friday. A long-running mystery will apparently be solved in Season 11: what’s going on at the hotel at the end of the block on which the Belchers live and work. There were also some fun dream-based episodes discussed and, yes, some musical elements sure to delight fans of the show. You can watch the full panel above. Just expect a lot of poop-talk if you do.

[via Deadline]