‘Bob’s Burgers’ Did A Fantastic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Crossover Complete With Cat Dragons

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Last night’s outstanding episode of Bob’s Burgers, “The Gayle Tales,” took a similar approach to Season 4’s “The Frond Files” in that the episode consisted of three separate vignettes written by the Belcher children. This time, however, in a bid to temporarily escape being grounded (which is later revealed to be because they made Linda fall into the display of Maxi Pads at the grocery store and fart uncontrollably) the kids compete to see who can write the best essay to be chosen as their Aunt Gayle’s date to something called “Yarnival,” which is the most Aunt Gayle thing ever, supposedly like Cirque du Soleil with cats.

Being that Gayle is the one choosing the winner, the kids play upon their aunt’s favors, like including Scott Bakula cameos in each story. Louise’s story goes all in, however, by painting a Game of Thrones-esque universe where her aunt is “Queen Gayle of Catsteros, the most powerful woman in all of the Nine Cat’s Life kingdoms and mistress of the world’s only cat dragons.” From there, the Thrones references are kind of loose (because it wasn’t Hodor — I mean, Bob-dor — who threw Lysa Tully through the moon door), but CAT DRAGONS. What more do you need?