Bob Belcher Quotes For When Your Family Tests Your Patience

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In a television landscape filled with absentee fathers, goofball dads who don’t have a clue, and dads using their children for personal gain, Bob Belcher stands above the fray as one of the best dads in recent pop culture history. Bob’s Burgers has a lot going for it in general, but the loving and low key family is one of the highlights of the show, and the lynchpin of that family is Bob. Played with perfect exasperation by H. Jon Benjamin, Bob is just a simple guy who loves Thanksgiving and is willing to dress up like a horse for the sake of his family.

However, as well meaning as they are (mostly), the rest of the Belchers often undermine Bob’s attempts at normalcy. Between their schemes, awkwardness, or even their attempts to “help him out,” Bob is often driven to exasperation trying to clean up their messes or understand what’s going on inside their heads. This adds a wonderful layer of relatability to the show, because who hasn’t had to deal with frustrating family? The next time you’re stuck answering questions about why you’re still single, dealing with familial bad behavior or trying to undo the meddling that has only made your life messier, channel your inner Bob and let the frustration flow free.

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