A ‘Bojack Horseman’ Designer Illustrated Why Bojack Holds His Phone Weird Even If It ‘Looks Stupid’

The final season of Bojack Horseman will be delivered to streaming viewers in two parts, and on the eve of the first release of Season 6 we finally learned why Bojack does something that drives some fans crazy. It’s not his self-destructive behavior or any of the cripplingly depressing self-truths the show may expose in its own viewers, no, it’s why Bojack holds his phone like that.

The first part of Bojack’s final season hit Netflix on Friday, but Thursday saw production designer Lisa Hanawalt draw a comic addressing something she’s heard from fans many times over the years: why does Bojack hold his phone to his ear when his head is far bigger than the phone he uses, which means it’s extremely unlikely anyone can hear what he’s saying?

Hanawalt said “a lot of thought and many conversations” went into making a decision that she admittedly said looks “stupid.” She then drew more comics to explain why they couldn’t win no matter what decision they made.

There are times that Bojack is shown with headphones in while he’s on a call, but for the most part he’s on a traditional phone. And as she noted, a bluetooth device in an anthropomorphic world with humans and animals living together could have totally worked, but that’s not what they decided.

It’s a fun bit of insight into what the creators were thinking and a good way for the people behind the show to admit that, yes, they did think about what they were doing but just couldn’t make everyone happy.

It’s funny that over the course of five seasons they’ve had so many phone-related moments on the show, too. Which means it’s likely we’ll see Bojack using a too-small-for-him phone in Season 6, too.