The ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 3 Trailer Feels And Looks…Awesome

For the first two seasons of BoJack Horseman, Netflix’s incredibly funny and subtly insightful animated series, the titular horse-man is a has-been. He was a household name in the 1990s for his corny sitcom Horsin’ Around, but the self-loathing, bitterly depressed BoJack has squandered his talents ever since. That all changes in season three (which premieres July 22). BoJack is, to quote Princess Carolyn, “a bonafide movie star” thanks to his performance in the passion project Secretariat; he’s even receiving Academy Award buzz.

How does BoJack feel? “Awesome.” So is BoJack Horseman going to turn into Entourage, but with actual turtles, and have everyone’s dreams come true without any consequences? Not quite. The good times don’t last long, because there are certain expectations when you’re famous, especially when you’re someone, like BoJack, who equates popularity and critical acceptance with purpose. That sends him spiraling back to a life of parties with people he doesn’t know, drugs, booze, and bubblebaths. (That last one’s not so bad.)

“What’s next for BoJack Horseman?” a manatee reporter asks Hollywood’s new comeback king. With a wide-eyed gaze, BoJack responds, “What do you mean what’s next? Why does everything have to have a next?” Thankfully, BoJack Horseman has a next season, and it’s almost here.