Netflix Renews ‘BoJack Horseman’ For A Sixth Season And Throws In A Free ‘Inedible Arrangement’

Last month, the fifth season of Netflix’s animated series BoJack Horseman enticed critics with yet another batch of simultaneously sad and hilarious (if not downright existential) episodes. Many were so good, in fact, that they were easily entered into the growing pantheon of “Best BoJack Episodes Ever” lists, and for good reason. Yet for all the love that Raphael Bob-Waksberg‘s show regularly receives from reviewers, it seems Netflix is always waiting until the last minute to decide it will order another season.

That didn’t happen last year when the streamer rather quickly ordered a fifth season from Bob-Waksberg and company following the fourth season’s premiere. This time, however, a month and a half passed before Netflix announced that it had renewed BoJack for a sixth season. In a tweet channeling the anthropomorphic horse voiced by Will Arnett, the series’ official account declared: “lets all forget about the fact that theres going to b a season 6 and focus on this inedible arrangement @netflix sent me just woww.”

Bob-Waksberg recently told Metro that he’s “always sure that every season is going to be the season that everyone turns on us, the season that we finally screw it up. Every year that doesn’t happen, it only increases the pressure for the following year.” Well, it looks like the pressure was just turned up a notch. As for that “inedible arrangement,” we’re pretty sure the real BoJack — in as much as a cartoon horse is real — has probably already eaten it.

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