Boob and Voice Jokes A-Plenty In 'SNL' with Sofía Vergara

To the surprise of no one, there was an ample amount of boob and voice/accent jokes in last night’s Sofía Vergara-hosted episode of “SNL.” There were two in her monologue and they kept going right until the end, in an oddly-placed parody of The Hunger Games. And just like Vergara herself, the jokes — and episode as a whole — were fine.

I’m sorry about that segue, but I can’t think of much to say about the episode. Vergara was funny, hit her lines, and the cast seemed to enjoy working with her, and it’s already clear new cast member Kate McKinnon is a good fit, but there wasn’t a single memorable sketch. It felt like even though the writers had three weeks to work on this episode, they only started a few days ago (why was there an already aired commercial?), and even then, they began with the concept of “BOOBS…and go.”

But I’m sure you all LOVED One Direction.

To say this was the best Romney cold open yet is a bit like saying Romney’s the best Republican running for President.


Why did the audience laugh when Sofía said “Saturday Night Live” in Spanish? That’s right, because we’re MUY ignorante. Now let’s go listen to Lou Bega and watch some Speedy Gonzales cartoons.

Was There a Boob and/or Voice Joke? Yes (2)

Abby Elliot > Zooey Deschanel > Emily Deschanel

Was There a Boob and/or Voice Joke? Yes (1)


When we inevitably do our list of the weakest sketches of the season, this will be in the top-five. It’s essentially the same joke as the NBC Football promo from earlier in the year, but even less funny because OMG DO I HATE FRED ARMISEN ON “SNL.” What was the joke here? That a news anchor couldn’t turn? That’s not funny. To erase this TV equivalent of the dead body from Stand by Me from my memory, I’m gonna watch Otis Redding sing “I Can’t Turn You Loose”:

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Funniest pre-taped bit of the season. Hader’s increasingly exasperated expressions were great.

/runs to the store to grab a Tombstone Pizza



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In an otherwise uneventful “Weekend Update,” Drunk Uncle stole the sketch. Bobby Moynihan has mastered the character to the point that even though Uncle’s really, really racist (“Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Immigrants” “GO AWAY”), you’d still want to get a drink with the guy. At least until he starts singing the Folgers song.

Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens: Live” falls somewhere between Obnoxious and WHY IS THIS CRAP ON TV, so I was happy to see “SNL” completely destroy its unaware, unfunny ridiculousness (and how Cohen, Bravo’s Executive VP of Original Programming, gave himself a show). Taran Killam should be in every sketch.

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New cast member Kate McKinnon’s highest profile appearance of the night. I liked this sketch because Sofía was the one who was easier to understand (“YAYYY”). That’s a clever enough subversion this late in the episode.

Was There a Boob and/or Voice Joke? Yes (1)


But whatever, it was fine.

Was There a Boob and/or Voice Joke? Yes (1)