Bradley Cooper’s Häagen-Dazs Commercial Is Totally About Butts

Our good friends over at Videogum alerted us to Häagen-Dazs’s new commercial starring Bradley Cooper and model Jana Perez. It’s very confusing, and they have some important questions about it:

-Why is Bradley Cooper alone at this party?
-Aren’t there other celebrities he could talk to?
-Wait a second: IS HE GOING TO F*CK THAT LADY?
-It really seems like he’s about to f*ck that lady, doesn’t it? (Via)

It does. BUT WILL HE?

No, he will not. C’mon, B-Scoops, bro, you’re better than to be fooled by the ol’ “Attractive Woman Seduces You at a Party Where You’re Eating an Ice Cream Pint By Yourself and It Seems Like She Wants to Have Sex With You When She Leads You Upstairs and Bends Over You, But Then Grabs Your Ice Cream Pint, Leaves the Room, Locks the Door From the Outside Somehow, and Seductively Eats Said Ice Cream Pint With Her Finger, Which Is Totally An Illusion to Sticking a Finger Up a Butt, All While a Willie Dixon Song Plays” ruse. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

(Via Videogum)