Aaron Paul Detailed The Time He Was Chased By Rihanna On ‘Fallon’

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The Path star Aaron Paul lived a dream all of us could only imagine: Rihanna chased him down because she needed to meet him. Not only that, but Paul was serenaded by the Mighty RiRi too. It’s a story he relayed to Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s edition of The Tonight Show.

Paul recalled meeting not only Rihanna but Drake too thanks to his considerable Breaking Bad star power. (Unless Drake is a low-key Need For Speed mega-fan or something.)

“He runs over and gives me the biggest hug, and told me that he loves me,” Paul told Fallon of an encounter where he wound up meeting the 6 God in a parking lot.

The Rihanna encounter featured the chart-topping recording artist sprinting towards the actor.

“I was at some event and an SUV was driving by me, and it stops and the back door opens, and it’s Rihanna,” Paul recalled. “She jumps out … and literally starts running towards me. She threw her arms around me and said, ‘I had to meet you, I needed proof of this. Then paparazzi took some pictures of us.”

We’ll let Paul do the heavy lifting storywise, but here’s photographic evidence as a reminder of the great Rihanna + Aaron Paul summit of 2014.

As is customary when a celebrity pops by Fallon, there was time for some celebrity goof-em-ups. Friday’s program Paul playing a round of Charades with Karlie Kloss.

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