The Hair-Raising ‘Breaking Bad’ Callback That Everyone Missed, Including Vince Gilligan

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04.13.16 5 Comments

We’ve spent so many years analyzing, scrutinizing and poring over every detail of all five seasons of Breaking Bad, that it’s surprising when a detail, Easter Egg, or callback we might have missed surfaces years later. Better Call Saul has been brilliant about highlighting old Breaking Bad scenes, sometimes giving them completely new meaning. Take, for instance, this scene from Breaking Bad that suddenly makes a lot more sense in light of this week’s episode of Better Call Saul, “Nailed.”

In this week’s Better Call Saul, of course, Mike left behind a witness in pulling off his heist against Tio, and that is probably going to come back and bite him in the ass next week.

Sometimes, Saul or Breaking Bad also include details that are cool, but completely unintentional. For instance, in this week’s episode of Saul, Jimmy tries to convince two officials at a local school that he was doing a documentary on Rupert Holmes, the singer of “Escape (The Piña Colada Song).” That, it turns out, was an unintentional nod to the show’s parent network, AMC. In addition to writing and performing the “Escape,” Rupert Holmes wrote all 56 episodes of the first ever scripted series on AMC, Remember WENN. That wasn’t why they chose Holmes, however. They chose him because they thought it would be funny to hear Jimmy McGill sing “Escape.”

Just like they thought it would be funny to have the badass driver of the ice cream/drug-smuggling truck in the beginning of the episode sing a Spanish song that literally translates into, “I want to touch your butt/No, don’t touch my butt.”

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