03.26.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

Unaware of standard literary poses, Michaels thoughtfully puts his glasses in his nostril

“Rock of Love” star Bret Michaels, eager to sate America’s thirst for more Bret Michaels, has “written” Roses & Thorns, the new autobiography that comes out on June 23rd. 

According to a rep for Michaels, the book… will take readers through the rocker’s humble upbringing in Harrisburg, Pa. (where he struggled with childhood diabetes), his wild ride with Poison, the car crashes that nearly took his life, and the 10-year journey to reinvent himself on VH1’s top-rated show.

Hmmm… a ten-year journey to get to “Rock of Love.”  I’d say that’s about nine years and 364 days of drinking gin on the couch before walking into a pitch meeting and saying, “It’s like ‘The Bachelor,’ but with me and tattooed skanks.”

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