Brian Cox Says ‘Succession’s Logan Roy ‘Would Hate Me’: ‘He Is The Antithesis Of Who I Am’

Even Brian Cox knows that he’d never stand a chance in the face of his Succession character, Logan Roy. The show’s currently filming Season 4, and the Logan Roy notoriety follows Cox everywhere. He’s happy to chat about it, always, including his admission that filming that dick pic scene was too much fun, and of course, Roy remains the mogul and patriarch who lobs the most irresistible insults of all time, from an audience standpoint.

Cox opened up at the Edinburgh TV special, where he admitted that Logan Roy would probably insult him, too. Via Deadline, Cox made it clear that he “respects the character,” but Roy would probably have nothing to do with him, mainly because “he is the antithesis of who I am.” Cox feels as though he’s much more of an optimist, which is a sentiment that Logan Roy would probably loathe.

“I think things would get better and he doesn’t so Logan would hate me,” Cox told the festival’s full house, who undoubtedly enjoyed this followup: “He would say ‘I wish that Brian Cox would just shut the f*ck up.” So there you have it: Brian Cox knows that he’d be loathed by his most infamous character, and he further stressed that Logan Roy easily tops Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch because “he’s self made.” Cox further believes that Logan Roy’s great “curse” is that “he loves his children.” And that insight, right there, should make us even more excited after the Season 3 finale’s events. Logan Roy fully screwed his kids, and let’s hope that at least one of them throws a drink in someone’s face during the Season 4 premiere.

(Via Deadline)