Your Suspicion That The Trumps Are A Less Likable Version Of The Roys From ‘Succession’ Is Accurate

An emotionally abusive billionaire father. A disinterested step-mother. A failson. Another son with political ambitions. The fake feminist.

The similarities between the Trumps and the Roys from Succession are unmistakable, even if creator Jesse Armstrong claims the Roys aren’t based on any specific family. “The amazing thing about this stuff is that it’s everywhere. Sumner Redstone’s family. The Mercers. The Murdochs. Conrad Black. Sometimes people have said, it’s really about these people, isn’t it? It’s based on them. And: No. We read widely and we do take elements of stuff,” he once told the New York Times.

But filmmaker Alex Holder, whose Unprecedented documentary is reportedly making the Trumps very anxious, can’t help but see the parallels between the real-life family and their unintentional HBO counterparts. “I’m speaking specifically about Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, and then the president himself, and the interactions they have with each other, and the interaction they have with their father,” he said on the Skullduggery podcast. “It’s sort of got this, like, Succession-type vibe in the project.” He added, “But also, you know, it is a real-life succession drama.”

Was Donald Trump’s COVID stay at the hospital a false flag for one of his sons refusing to help him during a meeting with a many-layered businessman? I’ll leave that for you to decide. You can listen to the podcast below.

Succession is back filming, but won’t return for season four until next year.

(Via Insider)