Brian Williams And David Letterman Square Off Over Late Night Loyalties And ‘Little’ Jimmy Fallon

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01.16.14 2 Comments

Whenever Brian Williams makes a late night appearance, I feel it is a “must see” moment. He’s smart, sarcastic and witty with each host, always managing to go toe to toe and coming away looking like an equal.

This appearance on Letterman is no different. Williams dips and dives around questions on The Tonight Show, “Little” Jimmy Fallon and the business over at NBC while throwing back at Dave. It’s not like an appearance on The Daily Show, but I enjoyed what Letterman and Williams managed to pull together here.

I also like to think that Dave is still some sort of pariah over at NBC. Like NBC lectures talent about going on The Late Show and provides PowerPoint presentations on how they should phrase their answers and deal with tough questions. I also like to think he answers his phone as “television legend” David Letterman.

(Via Late Show)

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