Bro v. Bro, Bro!

07.14.11 8 years ago 25 Comments

Bros. BROS.

Last night’s episode of “Franklin & Bash” was super-intense. Crazy intense. It was about the age old dilemma of something coming between bros which is a tragedy because NOTHING should ever come between bros. Ever. The bro-bro relationship is more important than any relationship including bro-wife because even though wives are cool and whatever they don’t usually want to wreck Bud Light Limes or go to strip clubs or play Call of Duty or fart into a cup and trick the other person into smelling it or other stuff that is at THE CORE of a bro’s soul. Unless you have an awesome wifebro, in which case you have got yourself a KEEPER, son. So yeah, this episode dug very deep into issues like the nature of friendship and how conflict can put a strain on that and it also featured lots of slutty chicks with huge boobs so it was pretty good.

Ok. Let’s do this.

So the episode starts and Franks & Boosh are rolling through jail and the jail is straight up full of sluts and the sluts are all “Hey Franklin and Bash” because they totes know all the sluts in Los Angeles because their reputation preceeds them but they’re like “Sorry not this time ladies because we are ON BUSINESS,” and then they walk to the next cell to meet their clients and GUESS WHAT THE CLIENTS ARE SLUTS, TOO. Franklin and Bash are all “Ok so what’s up?” and the sluts are like “We are not sluts we are a blonde and a brunette named Amber and Simone with awesome racks who teach pole dancing classes and some lady said we drugged and robbed her but we didn’t because we are STRIPPERS WITH HEARTS AND/OR BOOBS OF GOLD” and Franklin and Bash are all “Oh HELLZ yes we are taking these sluts as clients” and Franklin goes “Girls, our jobs are no different than yours. We’re here to get you off” which is CRAZY LOLs because “get you off” means lawyer stuff but ALSO ORGASM. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Boom. The sluts are clients.

Then next old head honcho guy is meeting with some little bro and little bro is all “I am very smart and extreme and I want to kayak down the Amazon or whatever but my dad is being Doublelame McDouchenerd and won’t let me go because I’m nine or something but it would totes be fine” and old boss guy is like “Yup I agree I’ll assign this case to dick lawyer and sexy lawyer because Franklin and Bash are busy with those sluts” so little bro is client number two because children are OFTEN ALLOWED TO ENTER INTO CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENTS WITHOUT A PARENT OR GUARDIAN BRO PRESENT. Trust me bro. I’ve seen, like, twenty episodes of “Law & Order.”

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