The Minds Behind ‘Broad City’ Have An Obvious Choice For Their Favorite Episode Of The Series

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06.25.15 8 Comments

When it comes to picking out a favorite episode from Broad City on Comedy Central, there are quite a few to choose from. I personally default to the wedding trip episode featuring Ilana Glazer dancing in the back of the truck, but you might differ. The ladies on the show certainly differ in opinion, according to Abbi Jacobson. During a promotional stop for her new coloring book covered by Vulture, Jacobson told fans that the “pegging” episode was the show’s very best:

“I think the pegging episode is the best episode we’ve ever done,” Jacobson said to a packed room at the Strand bookstore in New York, where she was there to promote her coloring book, Color This Book: New York

“We wanted ‘Abbi’ to finally hook up with Jeremy because we’d been showing this pining forever and we were like, Why save this? We knew they were going to get together and then [pegging] came up in the room and once it did, we were just all like, Yeah.”

It’s a fine episode, and it does feature my gal Ilana doing another amazing dance, so I can live with this choice. It’s also funny that the breaking point isn’t the act itself, which is the typical route you’d see taken. Instead, it’s what follows and the simple nature of it all. Pretty great stuff.

(Via Vulture)

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