An April Fool’s Joke Backfires On Ilana In This ‘Broad City’ Web Exclusive

Everybody knows that April Fool’s Day is a garbage excuse for a holiday that should go in the trash where it belongs. Networks releasing surprise episodes of a beloved series notwithstanding, April Fool’s gags are almost always unfunny — whether it’s a dumb marketing stunt, or the endless fake pregnancy announcements and uncharacteristic status updates on Facebook.

In this new “Hack Into Broad City” web exclusive (the first since January’s Inauguration Day clip) Illana learns the hard way why April Fool’s Day is bad. During one of the duo’s ubiquitous Facetime sessions, she breaks it to Abbi that she thinks they need a “friend break.” “I just feel like we’ve been hanging out too much lately, I mean it’s been all the time, every f*ckin’ day,” she confesses. “Are we even individuals anymore? Or are we just one fused brain?”

After proposing a week of no communication whatsoever, her constant companion not-so-reluctantly agrees, which sends Ilana into an immediate tailspin. She had a confetti gun ready and everything, which causes Abbi to have to improvise with a … cereal bowl … when she attempts to backpedal and make it seem as if she was in on the joke.

“I really didn’t need to smash the bowl.”