Bruce Willis Is Next In Line To Get A Comedy Central Roast

We haven’t had a new Comedy Central Roast since the cable network decided to skewer Rob Lowe (and, by extension, Ann Coulter) in 2016. The series’s decision to roast then-reality television star Donald Trump in 2011 has become a popular subject due to the target’s newfound role in the White House, but aside from occasional bits about its taping — we’ve heard nothing. That all changed on Tuesday when Comedy Central announced its next target, Die Hard icon Bruce Willis, and a taping date slated for the summer of 2018 in Los Angeles.

“This ain’t the first time I’ll be tied to a chair and held hostage by a group of humorless assholes for a couple hours,” Willis said in a press release. Comedy Central President Kent Alterman added, “Bruce has survived terrorists, Armageddon, romance and death itself. Yet, nothing has prepared him for this Roast.” Aside from announcing Willis’s involvement, as well as Comedy Central Roast executive producer Joel Gallen and network executive Christian McLaughlin, however, the release offered little in terms of who the latest installment’s writers or featured comedians would be. (The latter is often determined by the roast subject.)

No matter who shows up to raze Willis for starring in the recent Death Wish remake (and other odd choices), one thing is clear — The Return of Bruno must be addressed once and for all.