Bryan Cranston Doesn’t Hold Back With His Vince Gilligan Impression In An ‘El Camino’ Featurette

Although El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie hit Netflix last October, the movie is officially landing on AMC for a February 16 debut. To gear up for the sequel to make its way home, AMC has released a behind-the-scenes featurette that moves beyond watching Bryan Cranston’s bald-cap transformation (which he already revealed last fall). Here, we get to see Cranston looking like Walter White but behaving in such an endearing way that you just wanna whip out an “awwww!” However, one person might not feel the same way (at least for a few seconds), and that would be creator Vince Gilligan.

Cranston’s behind-the-scenes vibe is positively giddy while relating his version of how Gilligan informed him that Walter would make a cameo appearance in this followup movie. Naturally, Cranston had the same question for Gilligan as everyone else about how Walt would magically reappear: “Did he not really die?” While discussing how Gilligan responded to that question, Cranston’s impression is stunningly accurate when compared to Gilligan’s actual voice and speech patterns. Some might say that’s the mark of a true artist: how one delicately (and affectionately) roasts the heck out of his showrunner during a BTS segment.

The rest of the featurette is dessert for Walt and Jesse fans. Both Cranston and Aaron Paul make their love and respect clear for one another, and fans can keep enjoying their dynamic, either on Netflix or when AMC starts running El Camino on February 16.