‘Hannibal’ Showrunner Bryan Fuller Will Make An Amazing Return to NBC With ‘Amazing Stories’

For devotees of the sadly cancelled Hannibal, rejoice because showrunner Bryan Fuller will be returning to NBC. However, those same fans may want to refrain from celebrating with some fava beans and a nice chianti, because Fuller will not bringing back the iconic character for a fourth season. Instead, Fuller will bring audiences a new updated rendition of Amazing Storieswhich was originally created and produced by Steven Spielberg (who will not be involved in this new version).

Not only will Fuller pen the pilot script of the updated anthology series, but he will also serve as executive producer of the hour long series which originally aired in 1985 for two seasons, and focused on telling bizarre, fantastic and supernatural tales. The series would change between the science fiction, horror and fantasy genre on a weekly basis due to each episode being self-contained.

Fuller will be a busy man because along with Amazing Stories, he will also serve as showrunner for the Starz series American Gods which is based on the novel by Neil Gaiman.

The series will be produced by Universal, and along with Fuller, the show will also have Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank helm the project as executive producers. Their credits include Under the Dome and Extant, respectively. This will be the first project Fuller has done for NBC since the cancellation of Hannibal.

With the recent success of series such as FargoTrue Detective and American Horror Story, anthology series have experienced a resurgence. Amazing Stories will differ solely because each weekly episode will be a different story (like the original series).

(Via Entertainment Weekly)