Cameron Diaz And Jimmy Fallon Drank Down Sickening Shots Courtesy Of ‘Drinko’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

There’s a certain kind of celebrity that it’s fun to fantasize about having a drink with. (After all, who wouldn’t want to crush some brews with Flo the Progressive Lady and ask about that weird all-white hellscape she lives in?) But what celebrities would you want to guzzle salsa verde with? That’s the real question.

On last night’s edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we were once again greeted by the stomach-churning drinking game known as Drinko. This late night spin on the grandmother-courting game Plinko has contestants dropping discs with their fate tied to which disgusting beverages the game pieces drop in. Guest Cameron Diaz played for keeps in this game which featured the prospect of sucking down combinations of such offerings as prune juice, corn chowder, and absinthe. Mercifully, Pepsi Blue was not included among the options.

Diaz wasn’t shy with the ribs when she went toe-to-toe with the late night host. “You know, this is the only game you’re ever going to win,” noted the Charlie’s Angels vet in a friendly jab. In the interest of maintaining suspense, we won’t reveal the exact cocktails of barf tonic that fate and Drinko bring to Diaz and Fallon, but once you reach the one that has Jimmy gagging, you’ll feel blessed that you’re not playing along at home.