Can You Handle Carl’s Rap In The Fantastic ‘The Walking Dead’ Bad Lip Reading?

We’re just two weeks away from the season five premiere of The Walking Dead and that means that the time is oh-so-right for another Bad Lip Reading video to dazzle us with the high art of spot on impressions and oddly profound rambling. In part 1 of a promised look back at season 4 of the AMC zombie soap opera and its plucky companion series, The Talking Dead, Chris  Hardwick is noticeably absent but we do get rapping Carl Grimes. And you take that trade all day, son.

The video also reveals that Beth is a sinister would-be turtle killer, Lizzie and Mika went full Nell in the woods, and Tryese’s apple is off limits unless you’ve got a pair of old timey jeans to barter with. By Nell, I mean the Jodie Foster/Liam Neeson movie. I was not implying that Lizzie and Mika were walking through the woods singing the theme song to Gimme a Break. Sometimes it’s dope to clarify stuff.

Source: via BroBible