The Internet Is Convinced Carl From ‘The Walking Dead’ Had A Cameo In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ This Week

Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson have said there are no plans anytime soon for the characters of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead to cross over, but some are wondering if an actor from The Walking Dead has made an appearance in its sister show already.

Three minutes into this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, you may have noticed an extra who looked suspiciously familiar. Is that Chandler Riggs? Many on Twitter sure think so.

Obviously, it’s not the character of Carl (because he would’ve been around 11 at the time), but is it possible that Riggs was in Los Angeles to make a cameo as an Easter egg for fans of the universe?

Maybe. Riggs has had no comment on Twitter, other than his usual *dramatically stares off into the distance* expression.