‘Carpool Karaoke’ Gets Its Own ‘Game Of Thrones’ Opening In Honor Of Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner

Game of Thrones obsessives will soon be kicked back down that dark hole of not having a new episode to count on come Sunday, but would a preview of a little song and dance do your heart good? Of course it would. You’re not made of stone.

Arriving right before Sunday’s penultimate episode of Game of Thrones is an on-theme preview clip for the upcoming Carpool Karaoke: The Series episode that has superbuds Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams belting out the work of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. In the tradition of sensible cross-promotion, the intro to that edition of Carpool Karaoke has undergone a Game of Thrones style makeover. If you live in Austin, you will either be delighted or enraged by how local fixtures pop up.

Going off of the Maisie and Sophie preview we received earlier in the week, it should be lots of fun with no fatalities (you never knew with GOT folks, mind you) and a surprise in store for megafans. The episode airs on August 22 on Apple Music, as does the pair-up of Ariana Grande and Seth MacFarlane. Should be loads of fun and a great way to make your own carpool remarkably uncomfortable by displaying your own star power in Lyle’s Dodge Neon.