‘Catfish’ Host Nev Schulman Walks Back His Statement That ‘Black Girls’ Catfish A Lot

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04.08.16 14 Comments

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Nev Schulman, host and executive producer of MTV’s Catfish, tends to say unfortunate things without thinking. He once posted a photo of himself in an “abuse-free” elevator with a message that admonished Ray Rice for domestic violence. Unfortunately for Schulman, Gawker then dug up some accounts of his expulsion from Sarah Lawrence College for punching a woman in the face. Schulman has always maintained that he acted in self-defense, and his representative said as much to Gawker. His account of that incident could be accurate, but his preachy elevator message still didn’t sit well.

Schulman has found himself in another messy social-media situation. He made a comment upon the #BlackGirlsRock special on BET by saying that, sure, these ladies rock. Then he added that they do “a lot” of catfishing too.

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